Rain Water Tanks

What’s the point in letting perfectly good water, simply drain into the ocean?

Water retention and water detention is a hot topic in homes across Sydney, as with rising water prices and consumption restrictions, it makes sense to utilise what’s made available to us by ‘the gods’.

Many people are unaware of the purposes that water tanks can serve. Obviously having a source of water to irrigate landscape is a main one, however there are also many other scenarios that stored water can facilitate. Here are a few.

  • Stored water can be use to flush toilets and urinals.
    What’s the point in using perfectly good drinking water to flush a toilet anyway? You can connect your rain water supply to a separate system that can service your toilets specifically.
  • Rain water to supply your laundry.
    You can wash your clothes with rainwater and in some scenarios, you can even use the waste water from your washing machines to irrigate your landscape. It’s a double win.
  • Rain water can be used to maintain your property.
    As mentioned above, rain water can be used to water the garden, however you can also use the same taps to wash your cars, hose down hard surfaces, clean bins, you name it.

If it’s not going to be consumed by a human, you can pretty much use reclaimed water.

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